We started in 2011 with a mission to increase women representation on the boards of corporate Malaysia. Our work continues through advocacy, training and development, sourcing and placement of board ready women . To sustain the achievements, we realised the need to build the women leadership pipeline across organisations. This required shifting our focus to inclusion strategies in the workplaces to ensure retention and progression of women talent.

Today our work is centred around equalising workplaces and boardrooms for women to be recognised, respected and thrive. We will have achieved our purpose when gender equality is no longer measured by a number!

We transform the board recruitment process by bringing together potential women candidates and corporations and facilitating placement of capable women into senior leadership and board positions of private, non-profit and public-listed organizations.



  • Women in Leadership
  • The Board Journey
  • Global Women on Boards


  • Unconscious Bias & Inclusivity Initiatives Design
  • InD Blueprints
  • Diagnostics & Surveys
  • Leadership Coaching


  • Power Events
  • Targeted Visibility Engagements
  • Mentoring


  • Matching Top Talent with Opportunities to meet Business Needs


Chairman, LeadWomen


Anne Abraham was a corporate leader from the technology industry for more than 20 years before she founded LeadWomen Sdn Bhd, an MSC status consultancy company in 2011. Recognised as a thought leader in diversity and inclusion, both locally and regionally, a frequent speaker, facilitator and moderator in leadership events. She is the co-founder of the Malaysian Chapter of the 30% Club, a global business campaign lobbying for increased women representation on the boards, a board director on 2 Malaysian PLCs and a strong advocate for gender balanced leadership.


Anne Abraham

Marcella Headshot 2020

Chief Executive Officer, LeadWomen


Dr. Marcella Lucas is an innovation strategist who brings a global perspective to solving problems through innovative methods and solutions. Trained and certified as a Blue Ocean Strategy practioner, Dr Lucas was recruited to Malaysia in 2014 to deliver on strategic initiatives to support the National Transformation efforts of the Malaysian government.


Dr Lucas is now the CEO of LeadWomen, a Malaysian grown enterprise which focuses on getting more women onto Board of Directors and into C-suite positions. Through her work at LeadWomen, Dr Marcella is re-innovating how to position women’s leadership as a core strategic imperative for good, sustainable business performance. LeadWomen has developed from a training provider to now provide a One-Stop-Solution for high calibre candidates looking for board opportunities and for boards looking for the right talent to meet their business needs.


Dr Lucas obtained her PhD in Neuroscience from Dartmouth College, USA and BSc Biochemistry from the University of Bath, UK and is originally from the Netherlands.