Nizwani is a natural, born leader who is skilled in strategic planning and business development. She is highly competitive and will love the chance to debate, nurture and drive a business towards positive growth and brand salience.

Her foundation in Strategic Planning and Account Management was her springboard to excelling in the regional and global accounts she’s led in her career. During her tenure in previous international agencies, Nizwani worked on FMCG, automotive, telco, hospitality and tourism brands.

Nizwani joined Ogilvy in 2011 as Business Lead on iconic and large telco, finance and FMCG brands. She has risen up the ranks to be Co-Chief Executive of Ogilvy Malaysia, making her one of the youngest Chief Executives in Malaysian advertising.

Nizwani ensures her mini-me, Chloe has a role model she can look up to; to show her that making a positive impact to humanity through our brand of work is both meaningful and fun at the same time. Nizwani is an advocate of diversity and inclusiveness, and believes in helping women thrive as leaders in the workplace.