Emerging Women Leaders (EWL) Programme

A Programme for Emerging Women Leaders

Main Themes Of The Programme

• Raise the level of self awareness
• Strengthen and build on the core leadership
• Build confidence, presence and visibility
• Leverage on networks, sponsors and mentors
• Integrate work and life

Organizational Benefits

• Develop a strong high potential gender diverse
• Increase employee motivation, confidence and drive
to take on new challenges
• Recognition as a leader in Diversity, Equity and
Inclusion in the workplace

The “broken rung” that held millions of women back from being promoted to their first leadership position has not been repaired. The climb gets steeper along the way. Women still face many obstacles, internal and external, in their mid-careers. To develop and retain the women most affected by the challenges of COVID-19 and dealing with traditional in-grained workplace barriers— gender bias, harassment/bullying, stereotypical mindsets, unequal sponsorships to progress their careers – companies must provide a platform for women to learn among equals and an environment for them to thrive.

Programme Overview



Kick-off the 6-month programme


Group Mentoring

Meet & engage with the mentors


Through workshops:

Owning Your Career Purpose

Refine career purpose and integrate into daily practice

Being Political Savvy

Be organisational politically savvy and take advantage of existing networks

Language of Leadership

Communicate and network effectively


Through coaching:

Leadership Presence

Create presence as a leader that is aligned with your authentic self


Leadership Confidence

Identify the barriers inhibiting confidence and how to mitigate these


Mindful Leadership

Learn to lead mindfully, and understand how wholeness & wellness influence your leadership


Through discussion:

Current Affairs

Gain knowledge on current issues that are happening, how they impact your leadership and the opportunities these may create for you


The Pitch

Apply learnings and receive live feedback from facilitators and peers.


Reflect and Review

Reflect on the past months and celebrate your leadership journey

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