LeadWomen’s 2019 Conference brings the attention to yet another major workplace challenge for women, and men! It’s NOT OK… it’s 2019 – We need safe, open, respectful workplaces, free from intimidation and discrimination for all to thrive!


2018 was a year of progress for women, as well as setbacks. Women around the world stood together in the unprecedented #MeToo movement, shining a spotlight on the deep-rooted problem of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. However, workplace harassment isn’t limited to sexual harassment and doesn’t preclude harassment between two people of the same gender.


If not addressed, workplace harassment can ruin good career prospects and turn a company into a toxic and unproductive environment. This is not only detrimental to women and men’s careers, its discriminatory behaviour which isn’t acceptable! But it is not only the responsibility of men to fix it. In order to continue to move in the right direction, employers must ensure they have the right policies, programmes and culture in place to combat this type of behaviour.


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