Since our inception in 2011, we have focused on supporting and training aspiring, new and established women leaders as they embark or continue on their leadership journey. Over the years we have built a community of hundreds of exceptional women leaders and continue to foster their journey to the board through targeted programmes, board coaching, mentoring and networking events.
The LeadWomen Membership community is a network of like-minded women leaders, who are extending their networks, growing their professional careers, and making impactful contributions to the corporate world and wider economy. LeadWomen Membership connects women with board opportunities and it is also a place to find high level career-related support to nurture and promote personal and professional development.

Who is LeadWomen Membership for?

This membership is open to individuals who meet any one of the 4 criteria:

  • Currently serving on a private, non-profit or public listed board, or
  • Have served on a private, non-profit or public-listed board, or
  • Have leadership experience at C-level, partner or director level and have completed a related Director Readiness Programme, or
  • An established entrepreneur with a turnover of minimum RM1.0 million


  • Access to Board Opportunities

  • Virtual Meet & Greet

  • Board Coaching

  • Member4Members’ Events

  • Signature Board Programs

  • Special Events & Discounts

  • Newsletter

To enhance your journey to the board, you may like to consider participating in one of Membership Add-Ons:


1. Board Mentoring

2. One-on-one Board Profile Preparation

3. Board Simulation


***Membership runs until 31/12/2021. All prices are subject to tax***


Access to Board Opportunities

Members are given priority access to Board Opportunities. We get to know you, your expertise and your aspirations and match you with the right board opportunities.

Virtual Meet & Greets

LeadWomen’s Virtual Meet & Greets are a fantastic way to meet Anne Abraham, Founder and Chair Person LeadWomen & Dr. Marcella Lucas, CEO LeadWomen to learn more about how LeadWomen can support your journey to the Board, and network with other LeadWomen members.

Board Coaching

Board Coaching with experts provides insights into current topics, critical for new and seasoned Board Directors.

Member4Members’ Events

This year we introduced Member4Members’ Events. These Board Coaching Workshops are facilitated and run by LeadWomen members who have a variety of functional and industrial expertise.




To sign up as a member, please contact membership@lead-women.com

We are a business organization comprising of a group of committed and passionate women advocating for more women representation at senior leadership and board positions across the corporate sector. We do this by being the voice and channel for the corporate women through our platform and related initiatives.


What is the LeadWomen Membership?

LeadWomen Membership is a membership-based network of like minded women leaders, who want to extend their networks, grow their professional careers and make impactful contributions to the corporate world.

Why should I join the LeadWomen Membership?

While LeadWomen  Membership works on connecting women and opportunities, it is also a place to find higher levels of career-related social support, resources and tools to nurture and develop personal and professional relationships and growth.

Can anyone be a member of the LeadWomen Membership?

We welcome applications from women leaders from all industry sectors, open ages and either working or retired.  Eligibility to be a member of the LeadWomen is criteria-based  with two membership options:
Director Member
This membership is open to individuals who meet any one of the 3 criteria:
  • Currently serving on a private, non-profit or public listed board, or
  • Have served on a private, non-profit or public-listed board, or
  • Have leadership experience at C-level, partner or director level and have completed a related Director Readiness Programme, or
  • An established entrepreneur with experience of managing a business of a minimum RM1.0 million turnover
Executive Member
This membership is open to individuals who are aspiring directors, but are currently not eligible for the above category. They can apply for Director membership upon successful completion of a related Director Readiness programme and meet one of the criteria:
  • Have achieved the right level of leadership experience (C-level, partner or director level) or
  • Have been appointed to their first private or non-profit board position

What does my member subscription to LeadWomen include?

Member benefits include but are not limited to:
  • Opportunity to be sourced for leadership and board positions
  • Invitation to members only events
  • Discounted member rates to paid events
  • Ability to connect with other LeadWomen members through the LeadWomen members-only website and forum (pending)
  • Invitation to participate as moderator or panelist in our events
  • Special member offers from our corporate partners and sponsors

Can I join if I am currently unemployed?

Everyone has been between jobs at one time or another. As long as you meet the membership criteria, you are welcome to apply for membership. Very experienced women who have recently left the workforce are also welcome as mentors.

Do I have to be a member to attend events?

Our members enjoy complimentary networking events and discounted paid events. Non members are welcome, but they will not enjoy these benefits.

How much are LeadWomen membership joining fees?

LeadWomen membership joining fees are RM500. All prices are listed and can be paid in Ringgit Malaysia (RM). Pricing includes GST.

Are my LeadWomen membership dues tax-deductible?

Dues and subscriptions paid to LeadWomen are NOT considered charitable contributions for federal tax purposes. However, they may be deducted as ordinary and necessary business expenses.

How do I access Members-only information?

You need a valid email id and password.  If you are a member and have already signed up, just enter the information when prompted.

"I’m unable to log in" What do I do?

Please email membership@lead-women.com to reset your password.

Who has access to online information about LeadWomen members?

Detailed member information is only available to recruiters and sourcing companies and LeadWomen’s internal staff. Basic information (such as success stories, recent appointments, women in the news)  is available to the general public via our eNews or on our website.

How private is the information on the LeadWomen members-only platform?

The information you provide when you apply for membership is used to create your profile on the LeadWomen members-only platform. Once you have your login and password, you may edit this profile to include only the information that you wish to share with recruiters or sourcing companies. Though this information may be used for statistical purposes (total number of members, how many different nationalities and business sectors are represented, etc), no personal data on members will be made available for purposes outside this scope.

What is Corporate Membership?

What is the difference with Corporate Partners? We offer Corporate Membership as a way for companies concerned about diversity to offer an opportunity for their women employees to network with other women, inside and outside their business sectors. Corporate membership is available in packages of 10, 20 or more individual memberships. Corporate Partners provide greater financial support to finance LWN’s research and development.
If your company is interested in becoming a Corporate Member, or Corporate Partner,  please contact us at membership@lead-women.com

How to renew membership?

If you would like to renew membership, kindly email membership@lead-women.com for further inquiry.