On 2 September 2020, LeadWomen was officially appointed as UN Women’s Malaysian partner to roll out the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs).
What are the WEPs? 
The WEPs are a set of guiding principles for companies, that are being introduced into seven selected Asian countries, to facilitate gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and community. Informed by Universal Human Rights and International Labour Standards, the WEPs are grounded in the gender equality dimensions, specifically Goal 5: (Gender Equality) and Goal 10 (Reduced Inequalities), of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and 2030 Agenda.
UN Sustainable Development Goals in Malaysia: 
The UN Sustainable Development Goals are no stranger to Malaysia with action being taken on a variety of issues including; actions to achieve gender equality, the promotion of rights for women and girls, and inclusivity. With help from LeadWomen, these steps have contributed to the increased rate of the female labour participation to 54%, women in decision-making public sector positions to exceed 30%, and top management positions in public-listed companies to comprise 26.3%, as of 2017. The efforts of the WEPs Malaysia Activator Campaign will further contribute to these achievements.
Statistics form McKinsey 2018 show that gender-diverse companies outperform their peers by 21%. This is principally due to;
  • Innovation and Growth – hiring a higher proportion of women allows for new ideas and improvements to the efficiencies of business practice.
  • Cost savings and Productivity – more diverse workplaces tend to have a reduced employee turnover.
  • Market Growth and Brand Reputation – adopting such principles will drive customer loyalty and promote access to growing consumer groups, such as that of the women consumers.
How do LeadWomen fit into this? 
The efforts that LeadWomen have previously undertaken are reflected in an increased rate of women on the Board of Directors on the Top100 companies from 13.2% in 2014, to 26.2% at the end of 2019, according to Bursa Malaysia, showing a stark improvement in workplace equality within Malaysia. However, it is paramount that energy is retained. As such, these results and objectives championed by LeadWomen align well with the WEPs Malaysian Activator Campaign values and ensures this momentum continues.

UN Malaysia Activator Campaign Timeline

UN Women WEPs Malaysia Activator Campaign Events

WEPs Malaysia Activator Campaign Launch

LeadWomen will be officially announcing the UN Women and LeadWomen partnership, as well as formally introducing the Women Empowerment Principles into Malaysia though a hybrid delivery format.
The details of the Launch are as follows:
Date: 2 December 2020
Venue: Online and face-to-face

WEPs Malaysia Activator Campaign Awareness Session

These awareness sessions will bring a wider consciousness of the Women Empowerment Principles and identify partner companies’ strengths, gaps, and determine opportunities to improve their performance on gender equality, using the high-level Gender Gap Analysis Tool across 300 companies in Malaysia.
The session will also be used to identify companies that have an active commitment in becoming WEPs Signatories who can move into the next phase of Implementation.
The details for our first Awareness Session are as follows:
Date: 5 November 2020
Venue: Online

WEPs Malaysia Activator Campaign Implementation Phases

During this implementation phase, LeadWomen will work with its partners to address specific target areas based on the results of the high-level Gender Gap Analysis Tool to determine how LeadWomen can assist partner companies in adopting and implementing more WEPs.
This process will allow for concrete solutions to be developed around their own gender gaps. Recommendations and coaching will be provided by LeadWomen to ensure successful WEPs implementation.
Please note, this event will only be open to those who:
  • have attended the awareness session and participated in the high-level Gap Analysis Tool
  • have become WEPs signatories
More details regarding this event will be announced at the 5 November Awareness Session.

Asia-Pacific WEPs Awards

In line with the 10th Anniversary of the WEPs, UN Women have announced the 2020 Asia-Pacific Awards, a celebration that LeadWomen will be supporting.
These awards are an effort to recognise Asian companies who are exhibiting exemplary business practice for gender equality, aligned to the WEPs. This will make their achievements visible to customers, employees and partners, inspiring others to take action for wider impact. LeadWomen are supporting UN Women to give this visibility to Malaysian companies.
We encourage all to apply to these awards, as it presents a unique opportunity to interact directly with UN delegates.
The deadline for applications is 25 September 2020.

Current WEPs Signatories in Malaysia

For more information, please visit: